Ovia’s Evo Bulkheads chosen for Housing Association refit

Castle Rock Edinvar is one of Scotland's leading housing associations and a Scottish Charity.  It owns and manages over 8000 homes and works with over 8000 customers across 8 local authority areas.   A programme to upgrade all of their low rise properties in the  Edinburgh and surrounding regions, has benefited from the specification of Inceptor Evo Bulkheads, from Scolmore Group company, Ovia, which are providing cost-efficient solutions to a range of lighting applications.


A total of 66 Evo bulkheads have already been installed as part of an overall refit of the premises and are now the lighting product of choice for all lighting requirements due to the flexibility of installation, minimum disruption to the building fabric and the value for money they offer for the overall cost of the project.

Alec Macindoe, works manager on the project commented:  “We found the Inceptor Evo to be an adaptable and stylish product with great innovations and technology built in at a value for money price point.  We measured it up against many competitors prior to specifying it across all our housing stock in and around Edinburgh and found it to be the equivalent or better than all those benchmarked. When the fitting needed specific alterations for bespoke issues we also found Inceptor Evo to be simple to adapt and in a reduced time versus conventional routes.”

Ovia’s Inceptor Evo LED Bulkheads were chosen for the range of features and benefits that they offer.  As well as integrating the control gear and the light source within the diffuser, the bulkhead has the added benefit of a Flow plug which allows for fast and simple connection and disconnection for testing and maintenance of the luminaire. Ovia believes the Inceptor Evo is the only bulkhead currently available to incorporate a Flow connector.

With other bulkhead products, the installer will need to first unscrew the diffuser and then the gear tray, fix the base to the wall, terminate the conductor, re-attach the gear tray and re-screw the diffuser.  Ovia has taken away the need for time-consuming and unnecessary screws and integrated the control gear and light source within the diffuser and added a Flow connector. The installer, therefore, simply removes the diffuser, fits the base to the wall/ceiling, wires the conductor into the flow connector and secures the diffuser in place.  

The IP65-rated Inceptor Evo is available in two formats, Circular and Eye-Lid, with each format offered in four different options – Standard; Emergency; Microwave Sensor; and Emergency and Microwave Sensor combined.  This provides contractors and installers with a range of easy-to-install LED bulkheads, suitable for a variety of domestic and commercial applications including walkways, corridors, stairwells and communal areas, within public areas such as schools, offices, and shopping malls and urban spaces.   Castle Rock Housing Association selected the microwave sensor model to satisfy their requirements. 

In addition, vandal-resistant metal housings with an IK10 rating are available in Circular, Eye-Lid and Grille formats to enhance the potential applications for the range.

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