Inceptor Slate Backlit – TP(a) rated backlit panel lights from Ovia

The Inceptor Slate Backlit from Ovia is a range of TP(a) rated backlit panel lights with a low, <19 UGR diffuser, making them suitable for a range of installations and working environments.  With its pre-wired push-fit 3-Pole Flow connector making for quick and easy installation, it is proving a very popular choice with contractors.

TP(a) Materials - The Building Regulations Approved Document B2 (buildings other than dwelling houses) places restrictions on the use of certain thermoplastic materials when they are used as lighting diffusers and form part of a ceiling.  TP(a) rated materials may be used almost without restriction, but restrictions exist on the use of TP(b) rated materials.  Inceptor Slate Backlit ceiling panels are TP(a) as standard.

Inceptor Slate Backlit is a premium LED Panel range and forms part of Ovia’s commercial lighting offer.  They are designed to fit standard 600mm x 600mm panel sizes, making them an ideal retro fit for existing, less efficient lighting options.  The range includes:

They each come in a choice of warm white, cool white and daylight colour options and they are IP44 rated.  They are suitable for a range of installations, and a Suspension Kit and Recessed Frames are available for use with the ceiling panels. A compact emergency conversion pack is also available which allows the luminaire to be upgraded to have an optional emergency back-up supply in the event of mains fail.  It will provide emergency lighting for three hours at a lower light level. 

The Inceptor Slate Backlit Panel range is featured in the Ovia Issue 2 catalogue which can be downloaded from the Ovia website –, or accessed via the Scolmore Group app.

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