OVIA welcomed as a member of Relux

Ovia is delighted to announce that it has been welcomed as a new member of Relux – the world-wide leading software application for professional lighting planning. 

Relux has specialised in the development of lighting planning and product presentation software for more than 20 years and is recognised by the LIA (Lighting Industry Association) which offers Relux lighting software courses.

Relux provides its users – lighting consultants, designers and specifiers - with access to more than one million luminaires and sensors from leading manufacturers in order to guarantee the maximum possible quality in their lighting calculations. It enables designers to plan their projects with accurate and complete product data. 

RELUX applications are noted for their precise calculation values and compliance with standards, plus an intuitive user interface. Whether daylight or artificial light, interior or outdoor areas, street or tunnel lighting, or sensor planning, Relux supports users in their professional lighting planning and contributes to bringing projects to a successful conclusion.

Becoming a Relux member is a huge achievement for Ovia coming just three years after the company was first established as an independent lighting company within Scolmore Group. It means that the extensive Ovia lighting directory of products and all its photometric data is now embedded in Relux and can be accessed free of charge. Relux currently has over 200,000 users worldwide.

Commenting on this latest achievement, Mike Collins, Director of Operations at Ovia, said: “It is down to the hard work and determination of our team of LIA qualified lighting designers here at Ovia, that we have achieved Relux member status. It will open up access to our extensive range of lighting products to a vast audience of lighting designers, planners and specifiers. It will also prove highly valuable to a number of our customers who have their own internal lighting design departments and are already utilising the Relux software application. It means that they can now incorporate the Ovia range into the lighting schemes that they are developing for their contractor customers’ projects.”

Relux is a high-performance, intuitively operated application for simulating artificial light and daylight. It is a powerful visualisation tool that allows for simulation of lighting and sensors in real time for detailed renderings, and an extensive results section to provide a comprehensive report on lighting designs. It can calculate absolute values, national and international standards, and is compatible with CAD and BIM systems, plus a great deal more.

Relux database plug-ins are electronic catalogues which enable the user to select and use a manufacturer’s luminaires within their designs. Leading international manufacturers make around one million product versions and items of measurement data available through Relux’s online platform ReluxNet®. The program also allows users to import luminaire data in the form of EuLumdat and IES data files from compatible sources.

The software supports the following standards for indoor, outdoor and road lighting:

- Indoor lighting - EN12464-1:2021, EN1838:2013

- Outdoor Lighting - EN12464-2:2014, EN 12193:2018, GR to CIE 112 (1994)

- Road lighting - EN13201-2:2015

- Maintenance factor calculation to CIE97 and ISO/CIE TS 22012:2019

In-house testing

It is just over a year since Ovia invested in testing equipment and a cutting-edge photometry luminaire testing scheme, to bring the company’s light testing facility in house. The company purchased its own Goniophotometer device and signed up to the revolutionary Gonio photometry luminaire testing scheme, created by the LIA, together with its partner Acal BFi, to enable lighting manufacturers to offer efficient 3rd party certified luminaire performance testing.

Full photometric scans can take from as little as two minutes and once ready, the data is sent securely via a dedicated cloud server to the LIA Laboratory for validation. The LIA Laboratory will then be able to issue third party reports without the need for product samples to be transported around the country or the world.

As well as radically speeding up the testing process for Ovia’s lighting products, the ground-breaking scheme also offers reassurance when it comes to validating photometric measurements such as Lumens per Watt and related performance claims. It is the photometric data produced by Ovia’s in house Gonio that is supplied to Relux.

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