The future of exterior lighting is bright

As LED lighting continues to dominate the lighting sector, Ovia looks at some of the LED options that wholesalers can be stocking and recommending to customers.

According to AMA Research’s latest lighting report - the 15th edition Lighting Market Report – UK 2020 - 2024 – the key driver for the lighting market is the rapid adoption of LED lighting in both the non-domestic and domestic construction sectors. The advent of LED lighting, and the retrofitting of higher priced LED products into conventional lighting, boosted market value significantly between 2015 and 2017 but a sharp fall in LED prices since then has led to a decline in market size in the last two years.

LEDs growth in market share has been underpinned by energy efficiency regulations, leading to the removal from sale of almost all incandescent lighting and most halogen lighting. LEDs now represent the majority of UK lamp sales. LED lamps have seen significant improvements in light output and quality in recent years, including a wider spectrum and warmer white light, helping to boost their acceptability in the market.

With LED lighting increasingly seen as key to improving environmental footprints and driving down energy consumption, the global LED market will continue to grow significantly in 2021 and beyond. 

When it comes to outdoor lighting there is an abundance of LED solutions to choose from and it is worth considering the main functions that are required.  These could include security, accessibility, highlighting of particular areas of an outdoor space and aesthetics.

Security lighting

For many, the main function for exterior lighting in the garden will be as a security measure. For some home and business owners, it may be a case of starting from scratch with the provision of security, for others a case of replacing old and corroded equipment or upgrading to a more sophisticated and reliable system.

For those customers with no external security measures in place to protect their properties, the installation of a simple low energy LED floodlight can be enough to deter unwanted intruders. Today there are modern, ultra slim versions available that appeal to those looking for a stylish, more aesthetic lighting solution than the bulky options often associated with floodlights. The NightHawk Plus range of floodlights from ESP, for example, are simple to fit and adjust, and there is a selection of light outputs to choose from and an optional PIR version with predefined settings for ease of use.

Floodlights are also an ideal way to provide ambient lighting around the garden or outdoor space – lighting up walkways, driveways, as well as highlighting architectural features when used as an up-lighter.  Ovia’s Pathfinder LED range offers 40 options from 10W to 300W, with fittings up to 50W available in both black and white finishes and they come in a choice of Warm White or Cool White colour temperatures. The standard range can be used with remote sensors PIRs (indoor and outdoor) or Microwave sensors (indoor only).


A popular, cost and energy efficient lighting solution is the bulkhead, and something like the Ovia Inceptor EVO bulkhead offers installers a robust, easy to install LED bulkhead that is suitable for a variety of external and internal applications. As well as integrating the control gear and the light source within the diffuser, these bulkheads have the added benefit of a Flow plug which allows for fast and simple connection and disconnection for testing and maintenance of the luminaire. There are various options available and the wholesaler can help with the decision making process to ensure the best solution is offered.  Bulkheads are available in circular and eyelid designs and with a range of operational modes - Standard, Microwave, Emergency and Microwave Emergency. 

Strip lighting

Not all lighting needs to be strictly functional and LED strips such as Ovia’s Inceptor Intense range allows you to add some striking detail to highlight a particular area in the garden, for example around the counter of the newly installed bar facility. The 24V LED strips are available in cool white, warm white and RGBW and come in four pre-cut lengths – 0.5m, 1m, 2m and 5m. They use a plug and play system to make installation quick and easy.

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