The Inceptor® Slate has a low UGR19 diffuser making it suitable for working environments.


Suitable for a range of installation types. We have a Suspension Kit, Surface & Recessed Frames all available for use with the Inceptor® Slate ceiling panels.


The Building Regulations Approved Document B2 (buildings other than dwelling houses) places restrictions on the use of certain thermoplastic materials when they are used as lighting diffusers and form part of a ceiling. TP(a) rated materials may be used almost without restriction, but restrictions exist on the use of TP(b) rated materials. Inceptor® Slate ceiling panels are TP(a) as standard.

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30W 600mm x 600mm LED Panel CW White


30W 600mm x 600mm LED Panel WW White


30W 1200mm x 300mm LED Panel CW White


50W 1200mm x 600mm LED Panel CW White