Introducing Ovia

"Lighting solutions optimised for performance, energy efficiency and safety."

U-Lite - Ovia

"Our non-corrosive design, protected against the elements, U-Lite fittings are available in 3 different lengths."

Inceptor Iona - Ovia

"The Inceptor Iona is available in 3 versions, Non-Dimmable, 1-10V Dimmable and Switch Dimmable. "

Inceptor Flex - Ovia

"The Inceptor Flex is great for creating an immersive atmosphere — home cinemas, under cabinets, along the bar — with the flexibility to bend, cut, and extend Inceptor Flex however you need."

Inceptor Hion - Ovia

"We have two versions of this fitting, a 0(1)-10V dimmable and a Microwave Sensor version. Both boast an IP65 and IK10 rating."

Inceptor Slate - Ovia

"The Inceptor Slate has a low UGR diffuser making it suitable for working environments. Suitable for a range of installation types."

Inceptor Omni - Ovia

"The Inceptor Omni is the latest addition to the Inceptor range of cost effective integrated fire-rated downlights."

Inceptor Evo - Ovia

"The Inceptor Evo was born with the contractor in mind, installation of the bulkhead is made faster with the addition of the Flow connector."

Inceptor Apto - Ovia

"The Inceptor Apto is a range of commercial downlights with adaptable mounting options."

Inceptor Nano - Ovia

"The Nano5 consumes less power and produces a comparable light output while reducing the size & cost."

Ben runs down the many benefits of using Minigrid! - SGTV

"The Minigrid range is an amazing solution for saving space on the van and customising jobs to be easier and more efficient."

David Savery's path to becoming an electrician - SGTV

"Talking with David Savery from DSES about his journey on becoming an electrician along with some helpful advice on being self employed and what to expect. "

Talking with Karen Boom from She's Electric - SGTV

"Karen Boom from She's Electric takes on our Time is Money challenge at Elex Coventry and talks about her experience with being a self employed electrician. "

Scolmore Group at Elex Coventry 2019 - SGTV

"We had a great time at Elex this year meeting so many people that tried our new Time is Money challenge board!"

Talking to TV's Electrical Legend Billy Byrne - SGTV

"Billy Byrne from DIYSOS talks about his journey into becoming an electrician."

SGTV Launch Trailer

"Welcome to the new YouTube channel for Scolmore Group, SGTV!"

Talking to Graham Anslow on being an agricultural electrician - SGTV

"We're speaking to Graham from Anslow Electrical on what he does on a daily basis as a self employed agricultural sparky and the different areas the industry has to offer."