Ovia fire-rated downlights guarantee compliance in all ceiling types

Ovia Lighting’s full range of INCEPTOR and FLAMEGUARD fire-rated downlights have always been subject to the strictest test measures to ensure they offer full compliance and have the corresponding test certification to meet the very latest regulations. As such, the INCEPTOR OMNI adjustable CTA dimmable LED downlight, INCEPTOR NANO compact fire-rated LED downlight, INCEPTOR PICO FG fire-rated fixed integrated LED downlight, and the FLAMEGUARD GU10 downlights, have all been tested for fire resistance compliance with all ceiling types - solid timber, I-joists and metal web joists. 

With the increasing use of I-joists as part of floor construction – around 70% of new build homes feature engineered timbers joists, as opposed to solid timber joists which dominated the market 20 years ago - the National Housebuilding Council (NHBC) has updated its technical guidance on recessed light fittings in ceilings to intermediate floors in houses. As a result, the NHBC now requires test evidence showing that recessed downlights are suitable for a similar I-joist and plasterboard combination. 

Ovia Lighting can confirm that it has successfully completed further fire resistance testing to demonstrate that its fire-rated downlights satisfy the new guidelines issued by the NHBC. The testing was carried out by Efectis - a major player in fire science, covering all fire safety expertise in testing and modelling, certification and inspection around the world. The new test consisted of a 30 minute I-joist construction – 220mm I-Joist; 15mm Type A Plasterboard and 22mm Floor Deck (which Ovia believes to be the most common construction types now used within the industry).  All fire-rated downlights from the Ovia INCEPTOR and FLAMEGUARD ranges formed part of the test.

For many years the market for fire-rated downlights has been the cause of some confusion, with many manufacturers making claims but not always having the technical data to back up these claims. The NHBC guidance on the use of fire-rated downlights makes it very clear that only correctly tested products can be used in the type of floor construction in which they are being fitted.

To help you understand the issues around testing, Ovia has produced a CPD training module – ‘Downlights and Testing for Fire Rating’, and this is available for delivery on request. Contact Ovia on 01827 300640, [email protected] or visit www.oviauk.com.

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